Teaching English and French as a foreign language involves teaching adults and children whose first or main language is not English.

Brazil is facing a huge crisis with its education system. In fact Due to the poor performance and the downsizing and left out of public schools, Brazilian people are forced to enroll into private idiomas school in order to have a descent level in foreign languages. This gap created opportunities for Idiomas schools to make a huge profit.

Yet, unfortunately certain idiomas school are lacking the flexibility to adapt their course to the day to day need of professional, students and business people. Working as a freelance and flexible language consultant specialized in understanding and providing the exact content that professionals need at an exact time has then become one of the next business opportunity.

Therefore I developed a quicker, easier and more flexible methodology enabling professionals and students to write and talk about any subject of there desire from leisure, to day to day work or travelling and much more. The innovation comes from not only providing language session but also trying to help clients escape from the traditional and frustrating methodology based on rigid grammar and useless vocabulary. I similarly acted as a French teacher as part of a social project organized by the French artist Alexis Peskine and the association Giving Back.  


Key responsibilities included:

  • Providing French classes to a group of 3 Brazilian students from the local community in the city of Salvador in Brazil while preparing students for their World trip within an artistic project with Alexis Peskine.
  • Acted as a Coach and Role Model.