Summary of the project :


This project gathered organizations from 6 countries : Cyprus ,France,Latvia,Poland,Spain,Romania.The activities will take place in Busteni ,Romania between 4-12 june 2015 

The aim of the project was to promote cultural diversity and human rights among youngsters from Europe in order to reduce any kind of discrimination.

The main objectives were the identification of discriminatory tendencies effects and  finding solutions to  defend democratic values by promoting forum theater and land art as tools.

Those tools enabled us to increase tolerance of youngsters and their capacity to fight against stereotypes,marginalization,religious hate,xenophobia,racism.

At the same time young leaders were able to express themself through nonformal education methods ( land art and social theater ) which enabled youngsters to develop new skills, competences and expand cooperation between youngsters and their structures for new international and educational projects.

The main activities included the presentation of universal declaration of human rights, thematic workshops, outdoor activities, intercultural evenings, cultural visits in Romania.