The story of Ethnic Revival started in 2016 during a trip in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. Fascinated by the demand for colorful African insipred cloth by local people, the young entrepreneur and designer Marc Bell decided to start a social project which would be attached to the clothing brand in order to travel and positively impact the world buy designing cloth  with modern style while using traditional fabrics from all around the world to highlight ethnic diversity, promote peace and create a community of world citizens proud of their origins and embracing different cultures while keeping tolerance as a way of living.

After launching the project in Brazil in 2016, Ethnic Revival was officialy registered in France in 2017 while operating and traveling around Europe to collect fabrics and stories in Eastern Europe in countries such as Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Slovenia, Germany, England and more recently North Africa (Morocco). 

Hoping to reach a gobal scope,join us  around the world in the quest of learning the origins of fabrics, paterns, designs and modern fashion trends.